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Ericka Cruz Girl Next Door

Ericka Cruz is a stunning model from Costa Rica with incredible eyes. We met her when she entered the Most Beautiful Latina pageant in Las Vegas. Ericka is from Costa Rica, and we’ve become very familiar with the beauty of Costa Rican women as a result of our World Tour stop in Costa Rica in 2009. Paul Miller photographed Ericka by the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel, and then we got more photos next to a beautiful pool and hot tub at a home in Vegas.

AnnaLynne McCord And Her Less Hot Sister Bikini Pictures

Here’s 90210 scrawny hottie and Popoholic favorite, AnnaLynne McCord, and her nowhere near as hot sister, Angel McCord, hitting the Miami beach in a pair of tiny bikinis. Now you guys might have a hard time telling the difference between the two, especially considering that they swapped bikinis while in the ocean, but AnnaLynne is the one with the groovier body, and the one not wearing earrings and piercings. Ha! Did you girls actually think you can fool a professional who spends his whole day gawking at the female form? Please! Speaking of the female form, enjoy AnnaLynne’s sexy little bikini body!

Olinda Cataneda Girl Next Door

Olinda Castaneda has an elegant look with a supermodel body. This stunning model from Peru was one of the finalists of the Most Beautiful Latina pageant in Las Vegas that took place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, won by her friend from Peru, Girl Next Door Elody Gamarra. We got some beautiful photos of both of them in the morning at the Hard Rock Pool as the sun was rising and then we got more great stuff next to a more intimate pool and hot tub

Cameron Diaz Bikini Pictures of the Day

I don’t know who owns these bikini pictures, but I know the paparazzi, especially the paparazzi I don’t work with, are scummy bottom feeding pieces of shit.I have had years of fights with, so I can only assume they’re going to send lawyers letters by the end of the day to take these down cuz I don’t have the right to post them or some bullshit, even though I don’t think they should have the right to take them, because they monetize on breaking laws like criminals by climbing into trees, jumping fences, invading privacy and killing Princess Diana before dating Britney Spears to get the pics.


35 Pictures Of Tilt-shift Photography

photography. Photography doesn’t have to be boring and dull, and there’s so much more at photography, especially if you’re into tilt-shift photography. Tilt-shift photography is one of most impressive and unique types of photography because it makes life-size locations and objects look like miniatures. No this isn’t magic or Photoshop, it’s just changing the angle of the camera so that the objects can get a different perspective and look smaller than they actually are. Today, we have 35 amazing pictures of tilt-shift photography and all of them are simply beautiful. At first we actually thought that these are real miniatures, but after the closer examination we released that these are just great examples of tilt-shift photography. As we already mentioned, we have 35 pictures of tilt-shift photography, and some of it include pictures of famous locations such as Big Ben and Sydney Opera house. Of course, there are other famous locations as well, but we leave those to you to discover them.

The Secret Life of Star Wars Toys

Behind every image there is a visual story with a lot of details and humorous message. This funny set of images is made by creative Argentinian photographer who call himself “Marker” and you can see how Star Wars toys are going through recession.

Ambitious Bird With Eyes Too Big For Its Belly

New parents have the propensity to be proud of almost anything their youngsters do, even if it involves gallant failure. However even this mother appears despondent at the stupidity of her own offspring. Pictures taken in New Jersey, USA, show a hungry baby Tern with eyes clearly far too big for its little stomach. The bird had waited patiently for a meal caught for him by his mother, so when it arrived, wasted no time in trying to gobble the enormous fish supper in one gulp. But the tiny creature struggled to swallow the bluefish and toppled over under its weight. Mother wasn't impressed. She starred down at the floored fledgling shaking her head before watching as the little one eventually finished its meal.

Cramped Efficiency: Inside a Submarine

Submarines have to be some of the most sophisticated pieces of machinery so far devised by mankind, with the possible exception of space vehicles. Here’s a look at the interiors of some of these remarkable vessels, from models dating from World War Two, through the Cold War, to the present day.


This Is Chinese President Hu Jintao's Crazy Official Limo

This FAW Limousine we spotted here in Beijing is Chinese President Hu Jintao's official car. It's part rip-off Rolls Royce Phantom, part copied Cadillac, and a healthy dollop of wacky retro-futurism. Hold onto your butts, this faux Cadillac One's strange. China's about 50 years behind the U.S. in some respects and 100 years behind in others. So, if you think about it, the retro-futurism mixed with blatantly ripped-off styling makes a lot of sense as the car for China's President to be driven around in.

Mythbusters Put The Science Of Crashing Cars To The Test

In between repeated bouts to literally knock your socks off (well, not yours exactly, but you get the idea, right?) last night, the Mythbusters crew decided to revisit an old myth that was drawing the ire of the show's fans for quite some time. And it's sure to be an interesting topic to automotive enthusiasts. When two cars collide, each traveling 50 miles per hour, does the resulting force equal one car hitting an immovable object at 100 miles per hour? It seems like such simple physics, no? But don't forget Newton's third law. To quote the great Wikipedia of knowledge, "Whenever a first body exerts a force F on a second body, the second body exerts a force -F on the first body. F and -F are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction." Or, more simply, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Website Lets Car Buyers Pitch Their Price

If you’ve ever searched for a car online, you know the drill: enter the make and model and sift through the results looking for something in your price range. A new website called Autopitch flips that equation around so buyers can tell sellers what they’re looking for and what they’re willing to pay. You can avoid the annoying haggling and that bogus, “I’ve got to ask the manager” line salesmen often give you at the dealership. And it gives the seller a more realistic idea what someone is willing to pay for his ‘92 Lumina. “Not only does it save the consumer time, it also creates ideal conditions for true market value,” says Autopitch founder Brad Chase. Here’s how it works...

ATS Autosport 2500GT

o anyone not 100 per cent clued up on their obscure automobile manufacturers, the letters ATS will mean diddly-squat. But they do in fact belong to a long-deceased Italian car manufacturer, who briefly in the mid 1960s had a go at competing with the likes of Ferrari. In the business sense, the original ATS 2500GT could largely be judged to be a total failure. After just two short years of production during which just 12 cars were produced, the company collapsed. Taken as a piece of engineering the car wasn’t all that bad. It had decent performance for the time and was reasonably good looking. The reborn ATS company will be hoping that their revival of the 2500GT has more luck than the last one nearly 50 years ago. The 2012 ATS 2500GT is based around a tubular chassis, and like the original it’s fairly easy on the eye. The mid-mounted engine is a turbocharged 2.5 litre flat-four which makes a surprisingly potent 500 horsepower. Hooked up to a six-speed manual gearbox the 2500GT sends its power to the rear wheels through a limited slip differential. Adjustable traction control lets the driver choose how quickly they go through tires. Top speed is said to be 186 mph, and the sprint from 0-62 mph takes just 3.3 seconds.


The Sad State of Biosphere 2, Sixteen Years Later

Built in just under four years and completed in 1991, Biosphere 2 was intended to study five areas of the natural biomes, their agricultural area, and to observe our living/working space. Specifically how we interact with each other under such confined circumstances. Unfortunately the research was never completed. One view of Biosphere 2 was that it was “the most exciting scientific project to be undertaken in the U.S. since President John F. Kennedy launched us toward the moon”. Agricultural was an on obvious and critical focus of Biosphere 2. It was planted over the course of a year before closure, and biospherians managed their farming and harvesting of food grown inside once enclosed.

Google and Sony are the World's Most Reputable Companies According to Consumers Across 24 Countries

Google and Sony share the top spot in a study of the world's most reputable companies conducted by Reputation Institute. Disney, BMW, and Daimler round out the top five in a consumer survey that measured the reputations of 600 of the world's most prominent companies. The study provides a first ever assessment of the global reputation landscape -- the companies that are most liked, trusted, and respected by the general public across 24 countries. Data collection was powered by Survey Sampling International.

One Year Later, Did These E3 Xbox 360 Promises Come True?

Let's separate the Xbox hype from the Xbox reality. Every year's massive E3 gaming event includes big press conferences that promise gamers awesome things. One year past last E3, let's see what Microsoft and friends said would be in our Xbox future — and what did or didn't come true. Repeating my foolish mission of one year ago, I have been re-watching E3 press conferences. I have subjected myself to the full and pretty fun June 1, 2009 Microsoft press briefing. This was a big event, full of hype, much of which became reality. As you will see in the following hindsight-enhanced rundown, a few themes prevailed.

Sony Kills Linux on PS3

Sony is to remove the option for PlayStation 3 owners to install their own choice of operating system. The feature had already been cut from the new “slim” model but will be removed from older machines as well on Thursday when a new firmware update is released. At first glance, it might seem baffling that anyone would want to install Linux on a games console. However, doing so not only meant effectively accessing computer features at a comparatively low price, but it allowed people to make use of a 128-bit processor with six usable cores, which is a set-up you aren’t going to find on a home PC.

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