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Katy Perry's Uber Cleavage Goes Bouncing

Yes, I can’t stand this hipster doorknob. Yes, her music is as cringe inducing as nails on a chalkboard. But when said hipster doorknob is showing off her awesomely large cleavage, I go one-eighty and gush over her hotness like a giddy little schoolgirl. Hey, you can call me a hypocrite if you want, but ginormous cleavage will do that to any guy… or girl. So, here’s Katy Perry prancing around Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, France, and looking (ahem!) really freaking hot while showing off her mondo cleavage.

Ashley Greene: Variety's Power Of Women 2012

Ashley Greene is radiant in red as she arrives at Variety’s 2012 Power of Women event held at The Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on Friday afternoon (October 5) in Beverly Hills, Calif. The 25-year-old actress came out to honor Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, and Katherine Heigl for their impact on the philanthropic and charitable causes closest to their hearts. Also recognized at the event were Queen Latifah, Felicity Huffman and Sue Knoll. Ashley recently shared with SheKnows.com about what empowers her, “There is something about putting on a lip shade. Whenever my lips pop, it makes me feel a little bit more powerful and a little bit more present.”

Adriana Lima is Not a Good Bikini Model

Adriana Lima spent Monday and Wednesday in St. Barts modeling bikinis for Victorias Secret, but something traumatic must have happened on Tuesday because she forgot how to be a good model overnight. Monday she took a bunch of pictures on her back with her legs spread, but Wednesday that uppity bitch just stood there wasting everyone’s time, and didn’t spread her legs once. Oh, a thousand pardons your majesty, excuse all hell out of me if I wanted to spend the morning staring at your vagina.

Ashley Greene Looking Like A Supernova Of Hotness

Here’s Twilight’s Ashley Greene prancing around and showing off some cleavage in a tiny tanktop and showing off some serious leg action in a pair of super short shorts, and looking drop dead sexy from head to toe… and I literally mean “from head to toe”. Good lord, this girl is screaming hot. I mean, she’s practically embarrassing the rest of the girls in Hollywood just by running out for some errands… that’s how freaking hot she is. And I’m sure every single one of you reading this will agree, so without further ado… enjoy.


The Amazing High Speed Bullet Photography of Alexander Augusteijn

If you think shooting fast moving animals is difficult, try shooting bullets slicing water drops. That’s the kind of mind-boggling photography that Alexander Augusteijn does. There’s no tricks or clever Photoshop manipulations involved… just dedication and a whole lotta patience.

The Sky Blue Mushroom

It looks like it could be something offered to Alice just before she makes a journey in to Wonderland but this sky blue mushroom is not a product of the imagination of Lewis Caroll. It can be found on both islands of New Zealand – and bizarrely enough in a few places in India. The sky blue mushroom does not have a common name other than, well, sky blue mushroom but if you have a moment for a real tongue twister its scientific name is Entoloma hochstetteri. It gets its very distinctive blue color from pigments within the body of the fruit known as azulene. Azulene is found in nature as a constituent not only of pigments in mushrooms but of some marine invertebrates. The mushroom appeared briefly along with five other native fungi on a set of stamps issued by the New Zealand government in 2002 and it can also be seen on the reverse of the country’s $50 note which was released in 1990. Outside of New Zealand, however, and people seem blissfully unaware of the existence of this incredible blue mushroom.

Miracle Seagull Shot By Attackers Survives Despite Having Dart Lodged In Its Head

With a dart lodged in its head after being shot by attackers, it’s a miracle this seagull has survived. The distressed bird is still managing to fly even though the bolt, of which both ends are visible, pierced it between the eyes. It was spotted by Graham Rhodes, a photographer who lives in Scarborough, who was left shocked. It’s the second recent case in the Burr Bank area after another seagull was found with an injured wing. 'Sad sight': The seagull 'seems absolutely normal' despite having been shot through the head with a dart Mr Rhodes, who runs Aakschipper Gallery, said he believes the dart is a bolt from a crossbow – and he was concerned the attacks could result in an increase of violence in the town.

360 Degree Spherical Panoramas In and Around Utah

Utah is known for its spectacular landscapes, and scenic sites that radiate brilliant colors begging to be photographed. If you travel to Utah, you are in for a treat. If this site is your first "visit", we hope you will find it a unique visual experience. These full screen, 360 degree spherical panoramas will afford an experience not possible with standard photography. The photo gallery on this page shows off the beauty of Arches National Park and Capitol Reef. Enjoy your stay. Click and drag on any panorama to move in any direction.


SEMA 2012: Day 4 Truck of the Day

You may know the word “survivor” as an older pickup truck that has not been restored, but rather preserved in as much of its original condition as the wear and tear of years on the road has permitted. This story isn’t about one of those. This story is about the Survivor Truck, but that’s survivor as in surviving nuclear, biological, chemical or any other sort of warfare, or even famine and pestilence, for that matter. Jim DeLozier, who says he’s a “security consultant,” built and brought this truck to the SEMA Show. It's a truck meant to be as secure as anything anyone likely has ever built. Beneath the 360-degree protective cage, armored sniper platform, command and communications center with full Faraday cage, and assorted storage compartments is a Chevrolet C-70, but one with an engine modified to run on a variety of fuels.

Vorsteiner GTRS3 Widebody M3 Unveiled

Bold, Fresh, Cocky or BadAss, they all fit this one here! The Vorsteiner wide body GTRS3 M3 is all that and a bag of chips! The carbon fiber experts at Vorsteiner have out-done themselves, with their latest creation the widebody GTRS3 M3. Designed for the E92 M3, the kit includes a new carbon fiber bumper with a removable splitter, as well as carbon fiber front and rear fenders, side skirts and a new carbon rear bumper with a racing-style diffuser. A carbon fiber hood is also available, as is a carbon trunk and a stainless steel exhaust system.

Mazda MX-5 Miata Hits 900k... Next Stop, One Million

Mazda has announced that the automaker has turned out 900,000 units of its MX-5 Miata since the car first put tire to pavement in 1989. Of that astronomical number, a staggering 45 percent were sold here in North America, which means that 388,000 of the droptops have been shipped to our continent over the past 22 years. Mazda attributes the vehicle's success to its ability to adhere to what made the convertible a sales winner in the first place – offering basic sports car appeal with one of the highest fun-per-dollar ratios of any vehicle out there. Since 1989, the convertible has undergone two complete redesigns and a slew of minor updates along the way.

Cadillac Ciel Concept

The Cadillac Ciel Concept - pronounced "C-L," the French translation for sky - is a four-seat convertible that opens a new chapter in Cadillac's design and product ascent, pushing the brand's Art & Science philosophy into a new stratum. Ciel is a new expression of Cadillac's historical grandeur, as well as a celebration of open-air motoring. "Large, expressive luxury is innate to Cadillac and the Ciel recalls that heritage, while suggesting where the brand can go in the future," said Clay Dean, global design director for Cadillac. "Authentic luxury is driven by experiences, not just products, and Ciel is about the experience of the journey." The spacious and elegant Cadillac Ciel Concept is a grand gesture that explores themes driving Cadillac's explorations into range-topping flagship luxury. It is powered by a twin-turbocharged version of the 3.6-liter Direct Injection V-6 engine, paired with a hybrid system using lithium-ion battery technology.


America’s Biggest Claw Game Plucks Oil Rigs from the Briny Deep

Though they weigh as much as 60,000 tons, the massive semi-submersible oil rigs dotting the Gulf of Mexico can still sink when faced with a hurricane's onslaught. And there's only one way to pull the rigs' 7,500 ton decks off the seafloor after such a catastrophe—with America's heaviest-lifting ship, the VB 10,000. Designed by the Versabar corporation (based off the company's previous heavy lifter, the Bottom Feeder) and constructed by Gulf Marine Fabricators in Ingleside, Texas, the $100-million VB 10,000 is a heavy-lift catamaran that mounts a pair of massive lift gantries atop a pair of barges. Perhaps massive is a bit of an understatement.

Former Cement Factory is now the Workspace and Residence of Ricardo Bofill

There is nothing as good as an aged bottle of wine; and in this case the aged bottle of wine is a project which was completed in 1975, but is still worth mentioning! First and foremost we would like to thank our friend and founder of Room Service design store in Greece, Katerina Xynogala for providing us with the necessary information regarding The Cement Factory, which is featured in the latest Room Service catalogue. The Cement Factory was discovered in 1973, it was an abandoned cement factory and partially in ruins, comprised of over 30 silos, underground galleries and huge engine rooms; Ricardo Bofill bought it and began renovation works.

Microvision Lets Others Sample Its PicoP Laser Display Engine

We're guessing that if you haven't bought a pico projector by now it isn't because they're just too big, but Microvision is doing its part to help make 'em smaller nonetheless. The company has begun initial shipments of its PicoP Laser Display Engine, found inside the Show WX, for other companies who want to make their own projectors -- or rifles. The circuitry that's half the size of the tech in competing pico projectors while still managing WVGA (848 x 480) resolution and a 5000:1 contrast ratio. No word on cost but we're guessing there's a discount if you buy in bulk, and shipping ought to be cheap.

IBM Develops Instant Memory 100x Faster Than Flash

You've got to hand it to IBM's engineers. They drag themselves into work after their company's 100th birthday party, pop a few Alka-Seltzers and then promptly announce yet another seismic invention. This time it's a new kind of phase change memory (PCM) that reads and writes 100 times faster than flash, stays reliable for millions of write-cycles (as opposed to just thousands with flash), and is cheap enough to be used in anything from enterprise-level servers all the way down to mobile phones. PCM is based on a special alloy that can be nudged into different physical states, or phases, by controlled bursts of electricity. In the past, the technology suffered from the tendency of one of the states to relax and increase its electrical resistance over time, leading to read errors. Another limitation was that each alloy cell could only store a single bit of data. But IBM employees burn through problems like these on their cigarette breaks: not only is their latest variant more reliable, it can also store four data bits per cell, which means we can expect a data storage "paradigm shift" within the next five years. Combine this with Intel's promised 50Gbps interconnect, which has a similar ETA, and data will start flowing faster than booze from an open bar on the boss's tab.

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