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Selena Gomez is in a Bikini

hat headline is a blatant lie, by the way, but it really helps my google placement when I have the words “selena gomez” and “bikini” and “naked” in a headline. If it’s any consolation she did wear a little bikini at her hotel pool in Orlando yesterday, and then untied the straps when she laid on her stomach. So did I use photoshop to crop the pictures and zoom in on her ass and cleavage with serial killer like precision? I think we both know the answer to that.

Brooklyn Decker Pretty Much Calls All Models dDumb

C'mon sexy models, you're not just gonna let Brooklyn push you around like this, are you? Show her who's boss . . . preferably in a large vat of chocolate pudding. Via Contact Music: Brooklyn Decker doesn't miss modelling. The blonde beauty - who is now making a career out of being an actress - insists she has no regrets about leaving her fashion career because she enjoys using her brain. She said: "To be honest, I don't miss it. I started modelling so that I could pay for college to be a veterinarian. I didn't have a passport. My first flight was for a modelling job so I loved the opportunity it brought. But at the end of the day, you're not doing much with your mind. So, for me, I miss the people I work with, but I feel more stimulated acting."

Karen Leah's Bikini Model Search Entry

Karen Leah is a model from Vancouver, BC. Her ultimate goal in life is to pursue modeling full time based out of LA. She loves soaking up the sun and laying on the beach.Modeling has been her lifelong dream and passion and drive in life. Karen specializes in swimsuit, lingerie, glamour and fitness modeling. She is very outgoing, constantly creating new ideas for new shoots, always tons of fun, all while maintaining a certain degree of professionalism.

What in the Hell is That?

Just yesterday someone sent me an article about Australia making it illegal for girls with small breasts to do porn, and I didn’t mention that sooner because I’ve been busy moving to Australia. So, while I’m not entirely sure what it is that supermodel Erin Wasson aspires to be one day, hopefully it wasn’t an Australian porn star. Yesterday she went swimming in St. Barths with no top on, and I’ve never wanted a model to get dressed so badly in my life. Licking her chest would be like licking a chain link fence. Except way way worse because at least the fence wouldn’t expect me to pretend like I was getting turned on.


Scenes From the Duct Tape Festival

According to its website, the Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival “celebrates duct tape, its enthusiasts and its wacky and fun uses.” The festival takes place in the Duct Tape Capital of the World, Avon, Ohio—the home of Duck brand duct tape. I attended last month with my daughters (7-year-old triplets), who enjoyed riding the rides, playing carnival games, and decorating jewelry boxes with duct tape. We also made sure to stop by all the duct tape sculptures scattered throughout the festival. Here’s what we saw.

Captivating Landscape and Nature Photography Wallpapers

The beauty of nature helps inspire us to take care of our planet. If you don’t have the funds or time to travel, then here are 26 stunning landscape and nature photography wallpapers to give you lovely choices to gaze upon from your desktop.

The Silliest Military Uniforms Ever

Last season's collection of combat outfits merely scratched the surface of peculiar, quirky or downright silly ensembles. So we've hunted down the wackiest of the bunch. Whether it's protection of the royal family or Vatican City, combating enemies of the future or local troublemakers, here are some of the oddest military get-ups you may ever see.

Extraordinarily Clever Examples of Toy Photography

Toy photography provides great opportunities for clever composition, creative lighting and a chance to really have some fun. When done right a photographer can breath life and personality into the inanimate objects being shot. I think these examples really reflect this.


The Many Evolutions of the Triumph TR4

If you replace a car's body, a few years later replace its chassis, a few years after that replace the engine, and finally replace the body again, is it still the same car? That is the question posed by the Triumph TR4 and its immediate successors. Introduced in 1961 to replace Standard-Triumph's popular TR3 sports car, the Michelotti-styled TR4 was less new than its appearance would suggest, and it would not be until almost eight years and three name changes later that it would truly become an all-new car. In this installment, we begin our look at the curious evolution of the Triumph TR, starting with the development of the TR4 and TR4A.

Mercedes Builds A Car To Protect Us From Ourselves

Mercedes-Benz has been on a relentless quest to achieve hyper-safe accident-free driving since 1959, when it introduced the first car to feature energy-absorbing crumple zones. At long last, it’s getting pretty close to reaching its goal. The Experimental Safety Vehicle concept car essentially turns the entire vehicle into an airbag using novel metal panels that inflate moments before impact. The company’s first all-out attempt at building a perfectly safe car since the original ESF in 1974 is packed with technology designed to save us from ourselves. Mercedes recently opened the doors to its North American headquarters to tell us more about the car. Mercedes isn’t alone on its quest. Volvo, to name one example, wants to offer an almost injury-proof car by 2020, and Sweden’s head of traffic safety says it will be the biggest revolution in the auto industry since the seatbelt. Automakers are pouring colossal amounts of money into the campaign to increase safety, something Mercedes says is imperative.

Alfred, to the Batlimo: Bruce Wayne's Alternative Ride

We never knew that the Batmobile also came in limousine form - obviously neither does Batman or the creators of the fictional character but that's beside the point. The limo is inspired from the Batmobile that was featured in the 1989 and 1992 Batman films directed by Tim Burton. You can see more pictures of the BatLimo as well as a video that we discovered on Youtube.

Noble M15

Building on the success of the no-compromise M12, the M15 is a more mature Noble with luxuries including Satellite Navigation, impeccable ride and 300 litres of luggage space! "The M12 is a great car, but it's very focused and I wanted to produce a supercar people could use every day," said founder Lee Noble. "It was time for Noble to take a big step up in terms of refinement, practicality and style. "We're delighted with this new car's all-round skills and the I reckon there's not a car in its class to touch it dynamically. After all, it's still a Noble!" With a 455bhp version of the tried and trusted three-litre twin turbo engine Noble has come to rely on, this is also the quickest car ever to emerge from Barwell, Leicestershire. With the complementary figure of 455lb/ft of torque, all in a car that weighs slightly more than 1200kg, the M15 is devastatingly fast.


The Secret Origin of Windows

Few people understand Microsoft better than Tandy Trower, who worked at the company from 1981-2009. Trower was the product manager who ultimately shipped Windows 1.0, an endeavor that some advised him was a path toward a ruined career. Four product managers had already tried and failed to ship Windows before him, and he initially thought that he was being assigned an impossible task. In this follow-up to yesterday’s story on the future of Windows, Trower recounts the inside story of his experience in transforming Windows from vaporware into a product that has left an unmistakable imprint on the world, 25 years after it was first released.

Revenge Of The Quadrocopters: Now They Move In Packs

In case you didn't find the original quadrocopter chilling enough, the GRASP Lab out of the University of Pennsylvania has gone and added a bit of cooperative logic to the recipe so that now multiple little drones can work together. Also upgraded with a "claw-like" gripper that allows it to pick up and transport objects, the newer quadrocopter can team up on its prey payload with its buddies, all while maintaining its exquisite balance and agility. Skip past the break to see it on video.

Voyager 1 Reaching Solar System's Outer Edge 33 Years After Launch

NASA's long-running Voyager 1 spacecraft is barreling its way toward the edge of the solar system. Since 2004, the unmanned probe has been exploring a region of space where solar wind - a stream of charged particles spewing from the sun at 1 million miles per hour - slows abruptly and crashes into the thin gas between stars. NASA said that recent readings show the average outward speed of the solar wind has slowed to zero, meaning the spacecraft is nearing ever closer to the solar system's edge to a boundary known as the heliopause.

13 Stripes and 51 Stars

Three weeks ago, a Senate committee heard testimony on a bill that could bring Puerto Rico a step closer to becoming the 51st state. The Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2010, which passed the House in late April, would grant the territory's residents a vote on the island's political status, with options including statehood or independence. If Puerto Rico were to become the 51st state—and granted, that's at least four ifs away—federal law requires that a new star be added to the American flag. One can't help but wonder: Where would we put it?

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