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Anne Hathaway Gets Leggy On Kimmel

Here’s Anne Hathaway looking red hot and getting seriously leggy on last night’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now the last time we saw Hathaway I was utterly shocked that her plentiful breasts were nowhere to be found, which is the case here as well, but thankfully we get to gawk at her distractingly killer pair legs. Hell, this is so much of a shwingtastic legfest that I wouldn’t even care if she were topless. Ok, that’s a straight out lie, but hot damn does she have great legs. Enjoy the screen caps and check out the video to see everything in motion.

Gwyneth Paltrow Hard Body Bikini Pics of the Day

Here are some pictures of Steven Spielberg following his god daughter Gwyneth Paltrow around in the bikini, clearly for masturbation purposese later in the night, cuz that’s what people who like following their god daughters around in bikini with a video camera are usually doing….it is generally not because he’s practicing his filmaking, you know that excuse doesn’t work when you’ve a billionaire filmmaker.

Cameron Diaz Mad! Cameron Diaz Smash!

That's Cameron Diaz leaving a gym in Venice yesterday, just days before she's set to fly off to South Africa and compete against Mariusz Pudzianowski in The World's Strongest Man Competition. She's a solid 2/1 favorite to win, but I have my reservations. The refrigerator carry always seems to give her trouble. True story: Right before this picture was taken, Cameron threw a car at the paparazzi.

Orlando Bloom is a Lucky Dude

My heart was broken this morning as I listened to the radio on the way to work. Miranda Kerr, for whatever reason, is now engaged to Orlando Bloom after 3 years of dating. I guess thats pretty good that they can be together for 3 years and not be cheating on each other or up to their nostrils in blow. So good for them. For us, we can only hope that this piece of smokeface pie will continue to eye rape us with her spreads in GQ and Maxim. In honor of all that Miranda has given us in the past, here is a 36 picture gallery of her...One for every month Orlando has held her captive.


Ghostly Fogbow Shimmers Between The Mountains At Sunrise

It could be the legendary hall of the mountain king from Peer Gynt, but if you tried to enter this foggy corridor it would simply dissolve around you. The hallway is an optical illusion known as a fogbow. It was created by sunlight reflecting off a cloud that had passed below the mountain where this picture was taken. The impressive archway was captured on La Palma in the Canary Islands by 23-year-old Alex Tudorica. The Romanian photographer captured it on a trip to the Isaac Newton Telescope at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos. He told the Mail Online: 'One morning after my observations I decided to watch the sunrise near the astronomers' residence even though I was really tired.

Living Volcanoes

Volcanic eruptions are deadly yet very beautiful and breathtaking sights. For some reason they bring to mind images of spirits of the earth coming to punish people for violating nature’s laws. Thanks to multiple studies and experiments scientists have learned how to predict the time of volcanic eruptions, so citizens of nearby villages and towns can now be evacuated before volcanic ash and lava turn their homes to ashes. In our post today we will tell you about active living volcanoes, which by the way have become one of the most popular attractions for tourists. This is risky, but isn’t it what makes us feel alive?

StandAlone Photography That Never Seen Before

All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Everyone in the universe has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; alone, can dream and make his dreams come true. Today's Collections consists of 35 Beautiful Standalone Photography. It consists of a range of talented photographers who tried to shown thoughts of reality.

Some Strange People Met on Russian Streets

Weird people can be met in the Russian street either. Some of them just make you smile but others can even look socially dangerous.


Ferrari Enzo Crashes into Atlantic Ocean at Targa Newfoundland

Any time a Ferari Enzo rashes it’s big news. It’s even bigger when the car crashes into the Atlantic Ocean during a sanctioned open road race. You can’t buy publicity like this. And you probably couldn’t afford to either, with the car worth well over $1 million. Driven by ZR Auto owner and exotic car enthusiast Zahir Rana, the car is no regular Enzo, but rather a highly modified version by Edo Competition made to look like the ultra-rare FXX and sporting some serious performance modifications. In the past had received a transplant from an FXX model (exactly how Rana managed to get a hold of such an engine is a mystery). More recently it had been converted with a twin-turbo setup, although it’s not known if that was the engine being used during the Targa Newfoundland race.

Kia Debuts Justice League Themed Cars

These custom Kias were all recently unveiled at the SEMA Auto Show as part of a joint effort with DC Entertainment to promote We Can Be Heroes which fights hunger on the Horn of Africa. They already revealed a Batman Optima SXL but now there’s also an Aquaman Rio, Batman Optima, Flash Forte Koup, Cyborg Forte and Green Lantern Soul. Each car features custom artwork by Jim Lee, and it’s not just on the outside of the vehicle. Every inch, including the interiors and trunks, features character theming. I think the center console full of Batarangs is a particularly nice touch.

Baddest Bossest Hosses

Considering he’s built over 200 cars for the movie industry (and wrecked a bunch of them, deliberately of course), you could say Eddie knows not to look a gift horse in the mouth – unless it’s a Boss Hoss with twin blowers and a nitrous oxide system bolted on top of an already chomping-at-the bits Chevy V-8, the package good for 1,700 horsepower. “I figure it can go 300 mph, but I haven’t really nailed it yet,” says Eddie of El Segundo, CA, from his 35,000 sq. ft. design and fabrication facility.

Jeff Koons’ BMW Art Car Doesn’t Suck

BMW has pulled the sheet off the Jeff Koons art car and we have to say we like it. A lot. Our own Tony Borroz, who knows quite a lot about art, mercilessly beat up on Koons when BMW announced he’d be joining the likes of Ernst Fuchs, Roy Lichtenstein and Frank Stella in designing one of the company’s famed art cars. Borroz called Koons a “talent-bereft hack” and quoted Mark Stevens of The New Republic, who once called Koons “another of those who serve the tacky rich.” Turns out Koons did a very nice job.


100-Million-Year-Old Spider Attack Recorded in Amber

Looks like this 100-million-year old spider didn’t get to enjoy its final meal. Trapped in a piece of amber, the juvenile spider appears to be on the cusp of devouring a male wasp that was caught in its web. Such a grisly scene between spider and prey has never before been found in the fossil record. The amazing snapshot shows an event that occurred in the Early Cretaceous period, about 97 to 110 million years ago, in the Hukawng Valley of Myanmar, “almost certainly with dinosaurs wandering nearby,” as the press release about this discovery reports. The spider is a social orb-weaver spider, formally known as Geratonephila burmanica, and its victim is a wasp of the species Cascoscelio incassus. Both species are extinct today but the fossil suggests that insect behavior from the past is not too different from the present.

Boeing Trucks Ahead With 8-Wheeling Laser Weapon

The promise of laser weapons is that they will dispatch enemy missiles and other threats at the speed of light. Progress on those weapons systems, however, sure has been a heck of a lot slower. When last we heard from Boeing about the HEL TD (High Energy Laser Technology Demonstrator) program in June 2011, the defense contractor had just finished system integration of key components, including the installation of the beam control system and other hardware on the 8-wheeled, 500-horsepower Oshkosh HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck).

You Built What?! A Backyard B-50 Bomber

Four years ago, engineer Tony Nijhuis was visiting an aviation museum in Duxford, England, when he spotted his next project: the iconic World War II–era Boeing B-29 Superfortress. Nijhuis has been building electric models since he was a boy, but he had been thinking about doing something bigger. Much bigger. The result is a replica that— with a 20-foot wingspan, period decals, and loudspeakers that blare sounds of the real engine—boasts nearly everything but the bombs. Nijhuis decided to go with a variant of the B-29, the B-50, because of its aerodynamic design and because it was more novel. The real bomber had four engines, so he hunted down four of the biggest electric motors he could find. He created 2-D sketches of the body, wings and tail using AutoCAD and commissioned a laser-cutting company to handle the more than 300 custom segments he needed.

Remove Your Social Media From Google Search

Many social media sites offer options to help protect your privacy on the Web. You can make your profile private, which won't allow anyone you haven't approved to see your information, or you can remove your name from the account and use a different nickname that only friends would look for. However, these changes will only affect your content moving forward, not the stuff you've posted in the past. So if you're just seeking a quick fix to get your personal thoughts and pictures of past and present out of the results, this is how you can do that.

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