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Who The Hell Is This? Jessica Cirio Bikini Pics From Miami

These were snapped over the past couple days Argentine bombshell Jessica Cirio spent the afternoon working on her tan in Miami Beach. She was accompanied by her boyfriend Luciano Bernardi. Here’s more info from her Wiki: Jessica Wanda Judith Cirio Perutich (born March 21, 1982 in Lanús, Buenos Aires Province) better known as Jésica Cirio is an Argentine model, dancer and vedette of Italian descent. She has appeared on the Argentine reality show Cámara en Mano as well as in pictorial spreads in Revista Hombre.

Emma Watson Is Taking A Break From University

Harry Potter star Emma Watson, 20, has announced on her website that she’s putting her studies at Brown University on hold temporarily as she promotes the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, which is out this summer, and works on some addition projects. According to IMDB, she stars in My Week With Marilyn, featuring Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, which is out sometime this year and is in post-production. She is currently filming Perks of Being a Wallflower, based on a novel by Stephen Chbosky and co-starring Oprah, Logan Lerman and Larry David. Here’s Emma’s statement on taking a break from college.

Isabel Lucas is a Nerdy Chick

I'm not sure if Isabel Lucas is going incognito or she is on her way to a Math Team party, but I like it either way. More hot celebrities need to dress like nerds... that way, pathetic people like myself won't feel threatened by them. And then we can properly stalk them.

Anne Hathaway Is Catwoman!

Oh I like this! Christopher Nolan who is set to direct the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, announced today that he has cast Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the film! “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Anne Hathaway, who will be a fantastic addition to our ensemble as we complete our story.” Anne’s star certainly seems to be on the rise! I think she’ll be incredible as Catwoman! Nolan also revealed that Tom Hardy has been cast to play villain Bane; “I am delighted to be working with Tom again and excited to watch him bring to life our new interpretation of one of Batman’s most formidable enemies.” Christian Bale of course will play the title role in the movie. So what do you think about Anne Hathaway donning the famous Catwoman catsuit?!


Beautiful Canada Landscapes HD Wallpapers

Canada is located in North America and stretches all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific, being made up of ten Provinces and three Territories. To the North is the Artic ocean; Davis Strait on the North East separates it from Greenland, to the East is the Atlantic Ocean; the South is bordered by the United States of America and the West by the Pacific Ocean and Alaska.

Project Neon!

A project to document the best of New York City's neon signs. Part one began with a short walk on the centennial of neon signage. Happy birthday, neon! Later in the spring I'll start taking day shots and maybe including those signs that are no longer lit. Follow a girl as she follows the glow in search of New York's best neon signs. Every week I'll visit another of New York City's neon-clad establishments and post a photo & story, and tell you more about why I'm traipsing around this metropolis in the cold & dark to visit pharmacies, shoe repair stores, and bars with good neon signs to buy cough syrup, get my shoes repaired or just have a drink.

.Stunning Castles of Europe

Some subjects make it very difficult to take a poor shot. European castles tend to be one of those subjects where even the lower quality photos you find are still very interesting due only to the nature of the subject. These photos of castles however, get almost everything right with great composition and solid post-production. Evoking everything from thoughts of fairy tales through to horror, a castle is one of those things that a photographer can really make their own. We think these photographers did a pretty good job.

The Tightest Squeeze: Corinth Canal, Greece

The famous Corinth Canal connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. It cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth and separates the Peloponnesian peninsula from the Greek mainland, thus effectively making the former an island. The canal is 6.4 kilometers in length and only 21.3 meters wide at its base. Earth cliffs flanking either side of the canal reach a maximum height of 63 meters. Aside from a few modest sized cruise ships, the Corinth Canal is unserviceable to most modern ships. The Corinth Canal, though only completed in the late 19th century, was an idea and dream that dates back over 2000 thousand years.


2010 Mercedes SL 63 AMG Black Saphir by Inden Design

Get ready to spend some cash because Inden Design is ready to take it. They’ve developed a tuning package for the Mercedes SL63 AMG that will leave your wallets empty, but your Mercedes stacked. Their kit includes a new body kit and interior and technical changes. The body kit starts off with a front spoiler bumper, fenders with ventilation openings, a complete hood with air intakes, sidesmolder-learn, a tailspoiler, and rear widening. This “base” body kit will cost the consumer € 19,900. Not a bad starting point, but it starts to get a little out of hand from there. If the consumer wants to add a hood, they’ll need to add € 3,500. A tail diffuser in carbon and a front flap of PE will add € 800 and € 999, respectively. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there for the money the consumer will have to spend. Assembly of the package will run € 8,000 and adding a lacquer finish inclusive putty work will be € 7,500.

Spy Shots: Fiat's High-riding, All-wheel-drive 500

The 2012 Fiat 500 may just be launching here in the United States, but elsewhere, Fiat appears to be working on an all-wheel-drive 500 to battle the high-riding Ford Fiesta and Chevrolet Sonic that have both been recently spied. Rumors have suggested that the AWD variant will be introduced around the same time as the slightly facelifted 500 in Europe. This 500 mule is clearly rides higher off the ground than the normal car, and our spies point out that a reworked exhaust system is present on this test car – a result of the reworked underpinnings. We expect the 500 AWD to arrive sometime in 2012, though it is unclear whether or not this model is destined for consumption here in the U.S.

Lotus Shakes Down Its Rally-Spec Exige

Lotus delivered an early Christmas present: Photos of the shakedown test of its new FIA rally-spec Exige. The test occurred this morning in Turin, Italy, where the Exige R-GT turned its first lap tracks in full rally trim. The company announced the rally program earlier this year and plans to hit the the asphalt events on the 2012 FIA World Rally Championship calendar. The development of the car started in July, according to Lotus director of motorsport Claudio Berro. He said the testing met his expectations. “The Exige S makes the perfect GT rally car,” Berro said in a statement. “It has an awesome 3.5-liter supercharged engine, and we’ve managed to balance the weight perfectly to meet the minimum weight regulations.”

BMW Will Replace LED Headlights with Freaking Lasers

A new report from Munich reveals that, while Audi was busy trying to shove 300 LEDs into the snout of an A7, BMW's been working on the real future: laser headlights. My cat is going to flip out. Lasers offer myriad improvements over the stock LED bulbs being used in modern luxury cars: they use less energy, they're brighter, smaller and can be directed at a smaller area. Being brighter (170 lumens compared to about 100 lumens for LED) and more efficient is an obvious advantage, and being smaller means designers can go insane and create those impossibly thin lights we see on concepts but never see in real life, although BMW denies this is their main purpose.


Revenge Of The Quadrocopters: Now They Move In Packs

In case you didn't find the original quadrocopter chilling enough, the GRASP Lab out of the University of Pennsylvania has gone and added a bit of cooperative logic to the recipe so that now multiple little drones can work together. Also upgraded with a "claw-like" gripper that allows it to pick up and transport objects, the newer quadrocopter can team up on its prey payload with its buddies, all while maintaining its exquisite balance and agility. Skip past the break to see it on video.

Italian Architect Designs World's Biggest Vertical Garden

The world's largest vertical garden on a shopping mall facade in the town of Rozzano, near Milan, on September 18. It covers a surface of 1,263 square metres (13,600 square feet) with a total of 44,000 plants. A shopping centre near Milan is claiming an unusual record—the biggest vertical garden in the world, covering a surface of 1,263 square metres (13,600 square feet) with a total of 44,000 plants. The huge garden, which was inaugurated in 2010 but was only certified as a record this week, was designed by architect Francesco Bollani who headed up a creative team that included an architecture studio from Montpellier in France. "It took us a year to grow the plants in a greenhouse and 90 days to build the facade," Bollani told AFP. "It was like building a giant Lego!" The previous record was held by a Madrid garden covering 844 square metres.

The Inside Scoop on the Fake Barf Industry

Have you ever stopped to contemplate the existence of rubber barf? It opens up enough philosophical quandaries to make your head spin. Who would ever think of such a thing? Why would he feel the need to manufacture it? Fortunately, Stan and Mardi Timm, the foremost experts on famed novelty company H. Fishlove & Co., have the answers to these vexing questions. The couple even got a personal tour of the factory where “Whoops,” the original fake vomit, is still churned out. Chicago gag kingpin Irving Fishlove, son of the company’s founder, loved nothing more than a good prank—particularly when the prankster gets a laugh at the expense of his unwitting target. So when presented with the first prototype of latex puke in the late 1950s, he howled with laughter and declared that he loved it.

Apple Keeps Antennagate Alive With Droid X's Kill Switch

We had a feeling Apple wasn't done showing off the apparent reception woes of its competitors -- after all, the company already updated once this week with the Nokia N97 mini. Now it's going after Motorola's celebrity of the moment (and known iPhone 4 bully), the Droid X. You can see Cupertino's results in the video after the break, but unlike Apple's other videos, we can't seem to recreate this one as easily with our Droid Xs. But hey, it's not like anyone's gonna buy a big phone anyway, right?

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