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Whitney Port is Boring

If you love average chicks with no tits, then boy have I got a treat for you! That's Whitney Port hosting a party at TAO Beach in Las Vegas on Saturday. And, uh, that's pretty much it. When asked by a local reporter how she was enjoying the day, Whitney exclaimed, "AHHHH, IT'S THE SUN! I must retreat to the safety of inside IMMEDIATELY!"

Carmen Electra - Still Hot. Still Too Good for Us

Blah, blah, Carmen Electra is still too hot for us, blah. I cannot believe that she is still so amazing. The poster of her that I ... admire... every night looks exactly like the gallery below. It's incredible. I guess money does buy happiness. I.e., the ability to not age. And cool stuff.

Bar Refaeli Dangerous Bikini Pics

Model and agent for the Israeli Mossad, Bar Refaeli went on the offensive against Islam by showing her dangerously tight ass in a bikini. Obviously Bar Refaeli showing her exquisite anus in a bikini like this is just another one of her Jew tricks to distract the Muslim man from his righteous Jihading against the Zionist controlled infidel west. Well Bar Refaeli your little ploy will not work! In fact we will redouble our efforts, for we know that once we become martyrs and arrive in paradise we will receive much rounder and tighter asses then your treacherous Jew behind. Oh and they won’t have been defiled with DiCaprio spunk. Allahu Akbar!

Kim K is Looking Healthy

Kim Kardashian was on Live With Regis and Kelly recently, but let's face it - no one cares about what she was actually doing in New York. The only thing I... I mean people... care about is her ridiculous curvy body. She was intent on showing it off, too, by wearing one of the tightest dresses known to man. It's good to see that Kim is keeping up with her appearance, even after she got Reggie Bush'd. Most girls would just let themselves go after being cheated on and dumped, but not my Kimmy.


A Team Attempting A Record For The Longest Ever Cave Penetration

British cave diving instructor and photographer Martyn Farr has travelled the world, exploring some of the world's most spectacular underwater caves. He will join a team next month as they attempt to set a world record for the longest ever cave penetration.

Temples of the Atom

With your help, I can present a view inside the history and the wreckage of America's never-finished nuclear power stations. In the years following the 1979 reactor meltdown at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, more than 50 reactor projects were cancelled across the United States. While many of these reactors had yet to move beyond the planning stages, a number of units that were well into construction were cancelled and abandoned. Closer regulatory scrutiny after the accident combined with a difficult economy to make a host of half-completed projects unviable, and left their wreckage strewn across remote farmland and fog-choked coniferous forests from Tennessee to Washington state.

Inside Somalia: Under fire in Mogadishu

Somalia President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed planned festive celebrations to mark his first year in office and progress made toward establishing peace and stability in the war-racked country. But Al Shabaab — the Islamic rebels allied with Al Qaeda — had other ideas. Mogadishu was hit by the worst fighting in months on Jan. 29 as the insurgents marked the anniversary of the Somali president’s first year in power with a series of violent attacks that elicited an equally deadly response. Al Shabaab, the Islamic extremists allied with Al Qaeda, attacked government positions protected by African Union peacekeepers (AMISOM) in a concerted salvo against a weak and largely ineffectual administration.

The Canterbury Earthquake: Images Of The Distorted Railway Line

Back in September I posted a series of images that I took of the of the surface fault rupture for the 4th September 2010 Mw = 7.1 Canterbury earthquake in New Zealand. Included was this one, taken of a railway line that crossed the fault rupture at the eastern end of the fault near to Rolleston. Thanks to Malcolm Teasdale of Kiwirail for sending these two images of the state of the track at this site immediately after the earthquake. The second image is particularly interesting. Note how the rails show high levels of deformation whilst the surrounding ground shows comparatively little. Notice also how the big kink on the left side has pushed the ballast aside and into the track side ditch This has happened on the right side too, but to a lesser extent. The right side bend nearest the camera has pushed the ballast towards the camera.


1970 Land Rover Range Rover

The Land Rover Range Rover celebrated its 40th birthday on 17 June, 2010. One of the most significant vehicles in the history of motoring, the Range Rover was the world's first vehicle as good on-road as off-road. It was the first fully capable luxury 4x4 and was a milestone in the development of the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). "Land Rover has a unique history of product innovation. But the Range Rover probably remains the most historically significant vehicle we have ever launched. It is one of the most important vehicles in the history of motoring." Phil Popham, Land Rover Managing Director. There have been three generations of Land Rover Range Rover. The original, now known as the Classic, went on sale in 1970 and continued in production, with numerous upgrades and a multiplicity of variants, for just over 25 years.

The Super Sonic Car that Could Break 1000 MPH Record

A series of successful rocket tests in the Mojave desert recently marks another step in the development of a car built to reach 1000 mph. The British team Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) is comprised of some legendary land speed experience. Richard Noble was the man behind the Thrust SSC—the car that set the current land speed record. And the man that will slide behind the wheel of the Bloodhound is Andy Green, the former fighter pilot who holds the land speed record for the fastest diesel vehicle in the world (just over 350 mph, back in 2006).

2011 Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Le Mans Race Car

The Le Mans endurance race is long considered as the oldest and pre-eminent race of its kind in the world. It’s safe to say that the teams that participate in Le Mans aren’t exactly what you’d consider as run-of-the-mill. Only the big boys play here, so they say. On that note, recent Le Mans history has seen two automakers sit on top of the throne. While one team has long dominated the endurance race for the past decade, one team was able to put a stomp to the other’s run of dominance, claiming the overall championship in 2011. Sure, Audi reclaimed its throne from Peugeot last year, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from these two teams, it’s that Peugeot won’t go down without taking any swings for the fences. This year, the French automaker is armed and ready for battle after introducing their 2011 Le Mans racer, the new 908 HDi FAP race car.

This Is What a 1,000-MPH Car Looks Like

This is the Bloodhound SSC. When finished, it will be powered by a jet engine bolted to a rocket. Together they will produce 47,500 pounds of thrust. And the retired Royal Air Force pilot who plans to strap himself into it hopes to hit 1,000 mph. The team behind the, er, car hasn’t tested it. In fact, they’ve only started building it. But they’re sure it’ll work. Well, pretty sure. We first told you about this madness when team leader Richard Noble announced the crazy plan almost two years ago. Noble and his crew unveiled a full-size mock-up of Bloodhound this week at the Farnborough International Air Show near London. That’s fitting, because the Bloodhound SSC is essentially a fighter jet without wings. There’s really no other way to describe something capable of covering 1,540 feet per second.


The 37 Or So Ingredients In A Twinkie

A popular rule of thumb among proponents of healthy food is that the fewer ingredients there are in something, better it is for you. With a remarkable 37 or so ingredients, many of which are polysyllabic chemical compounds, Twinkies would seem to embody the antithesis of that rule. The photographer Dwight Eschliman was never a health nut himself, but he was raised by one; his mom kept her kids away from meat, dairy, or any kind of processed food. When Eschilman went away to college, he loosened up a bit, allowing himself to indulge in all sorts of previously forbidden treats, but by the time he had kids of his own, he found a renewed appreciation for simple, healthy food—and a renewed skepticism of chemical-filled, preservative-laden snacks. He'd also developed a love of disassembling ojects and photographing their component parts.

The First Thing You Should Do When Your Flight Gets Cancelled

You're waiting and waiting and waiting and then your flight gets cancelled. While everyone else gets into a fit of anger and chaos, your first move, besides heading towards that long service kiosk line, is to call the airline. Brett Snyder of air-traveler assistance firm Cranky Concierge says on Real Simple that with this step, "you're essentially cutting the line in front of you." Keep the number of the airline you're flying in your wallet to expedite the booking process and reduce the amount of time you have to spend dealing with the cancelled flight.

U.K. Woman with Four Transplanted Organs Gets Her M.D.

The first woman in the United Kingdom to have all her major organs transplanted has now signed on to a lifetime of hospital visits -- but this time as the doctor. Allison John, 32, made medical history in 2006 after she received her fourth organ transplant -- a kidney from her father, 61-year-old David John, to add to her previous heart, lung and liver transplants. A life plagued by illness and frequent hospital visits has not deterred John from her dream of becoming a doctor, however. After 14 years of interrupted study, she finally received her medical degree from Cardiff University last month, according to the U.K. press. John will begin rounds as a junior doctor at Neville Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, England.

China's New Water Cannon Is Powered By A Jet Engine

Built to battle skyscraper fires, this jet-propelled water cannon is the new pride and joy of China’s Luoyang City fire department. It is made from a jet-fighter engine and is capable of spraying 4 tons of water per minute. The price tag of $456,000 seems to be worth it, as the water is said to blast fast enough to separate fires from their oxygen supply. It has a range of almost 400 feet and can rotate a near-full 360 degrees. And if the firefighting business slows down, China can always deploy the cannon to clean the sure-to-be-megadirty streets of its future megacity. Watch the turbo-cannon’s awesome power in action in the video below.

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