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Mila Kunis To Play Wicked Witch Of The West

The hideous, gnarled Mila Kunis, stuff of nightmares, will star as the Wicked Witch of The West in Sam Raimi’s upcoming Oz, The Great And Powerful, according to Vulture—though technically Kunis will be playing the role of Theodorah, whose own transformation into the vindictive, monkey-loving firebug factors into an overall Oz back-story that also includes those of Evanorah, her sister and east-side counterpart, and Glinda, who reps the north. Vulture further reports that Kunis signing on was all that was needed to secure James Franco in the role of the Wizard, after Franco presumably considered the matter by taping a series of one-sided conversations with himself, then playing them all simultaneously at varied speeds while he watched silently from atop an unusually tall stool perched beneath a blue-gelled spotlight.

Leryn Franco is in a Bikini

Paraguayan javelin thrower Leryn Franco first rose to fame a few years ago when the internets discovered that she was pretty damn sexy, and on Monday she was spotted in a bikini in Miami. Presumably not winning at whatever she was doing. Because has a hot athlete ever won anything at all (see: Kournikova, Anna)? Unfortunately it's the same for us hot mathletes. I can crush a beer can between my abs, but I'll be damned if I haven't taken higher than second in the annual Calculus Bowl.

Ponzi Wife Hopes To Pole Dance Her Way Back To Profit

Things haven't been so easy for former Scores stripper Diane Passage in recent months, ever since her husband, accountant to the stars Kenneth Starr, pleaded guilty to running a Ponzi scheme. Starr is facing 12 years in jail, his companies are in bankruptcy, and their joint bank accounts have been frozen—so what's a third wife to do to make a little money? Passage reportedly auditioned for a new, untitled reality TV show which will show what life is like for pole dancers; if Passage gets a spot, she'll be filmed as she starts working at Scores again. There won't be any nudity, but there will be footage of the girls "going about their daily lives."

Jayde Nicole Would Like Your Attention Now

Brody Jenner's ex-girlfriend and 2008 Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole, in Hollywood last night debuting her new "She Was Pretty Much Asking For It" line of rape-defense-friendly evening wear.


Bizarre Animal-Shaped Rocks Sculpted By Nature

The world is full of bizarrely shaped boulders and other natural rock formations that humans see as familiar objects. The brain tends to perceive an animal-shape or, even more popular, a human face hiding in the rocks. They were chiseled with wind, water, erosion and other geological processes. Over the centuries, nature sculpted these natural rock formations to have a close resemblance to animals. Here are 23 bizarre yet amazing animal-shaped rock formations.

Spring Fever in 58 Amazing Photos

As I sit, working in my apartment, I see the beautiful deep blue sky from the window. The spring is gently touching everything outside and I saw the first flowers in bloom yesterday. The earth is still cold but in a week or two it’ll be filled with young tender greenery and soft blooming colors. The strangers in the streets are hiding the smiles but we all feel that wonderful sensation of “spring fever.” See if it spreads when you check out these lovely spring images.

Recent scenes from Indonesia

The leg of a patient is chained to a post at the Galuh foundation for people with mental health conditions on February 10, 2010 in Bekasi, Indonesia. Belief in black magic is commonplace in Indonesia, where there is much ignorance over mental health issues, with traditional healers instead consulted for apparent sufferers. 2007 figures suggested that 4.6% of the nation suffered from serious mental disorders in a country whose population now stands at around 230 million, with only around 700 psychiatrists across 48 psychiatric hospitals available to help treat those affected.

Spring Wallpapers

Spring is finally here!. Below are some wallpapers for your desktop. All of them are at least 1280x800. Just click on a photo for a larger image, right click the larger picture, and select "set as background." If it doesn't quite look right, just right click on your desktop, go to properties, select the "desktop" tab, and change the position to either center, tile, or stretch.


I Am Lamborghini's New Beating V12 Heart

We told you this weekend Lamborghini's Murcielago replacement will feature a 6.5-liter V12 engine with an output of 700hp at 8,250 RPM and max torque of 509 lb/ft of torque at 5,500 RPM. Here it is. More below. It's not just a new engine, Lamborghini's also mating a brand-new transmission to its new beating beast of a bull heart. They're calling it the "Lamborghini ISR" — an automated manual gearbox combining "minimal shift times and everyday usability with low weight and dimensions to guarantee that emotional sensation from gearshifts, which customers expect from a super sports car at the very top of the premier league." Sorry for getting carried away with that press release blurb, we just love the Italglish in Lamborghini press releases. Anyway, the details are thus: an almost 50% shorter shift time than with a dual-clutch transmission –- with the benefits of lower weight and smaller size.

Hennessey rolls out 800-hp twin-turbo Jeep Grand Cherokee

Eight-hundred horsepower. 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. $235,000. Given those numbers, you'd think we were talking about a supercar, right? Well we are, if by supercar you mean something with otherworldly performance capabilities. But this is no two-seat roadster. This is a Jeep. To be more specific, this is the latest Hennessey HPE800 Twin Turbo, a new rocket sled based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. That model usually packs a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 – which is already big by any measure – but Hennessey's bored it out to a nice round 7.0 liters and bolted a pair of turbochargers to it. Along with the substantial engine mods, the HPE800 also gets an upgraded transmission and torque converted (it is a conventional automatic, after all), plus 20-inch wheels on a lowered suspension with 15.1-inch Brembo brakes, and a reworked fascia with a carbon fiber splitter up front.

Everyone Loves Charlie Sheen, Part 2

It had to be disappointing for whoever stole Charlie Sheens car and drove it off a cliff that the car didn’t explode in a big fireball. That he wasn’t in the car when it happened is also unfortunate. Actually if he could have been in the car, then had the car also hit him when it came to the bottom, then if someone could have taken his coffin and thrown that down into the canyon too, that would have been terrific.

Aston Martin Unveils DBS Carbon Models

Aston Martin's presence at the Frankfurt Motor Show is rather limited, but one of the models taking center stage is a new addition to the DBS family. It's called the DBS Carbon Edition, and it's a continuation of the Carbon Black that was introduced in 2009. Now, however, you have a few more options with regards to the exterior color of your spy mobile. The Aston Martin DBS was available in all colors... literally all of them, meaning you could only get it in black. This time around your choices have expanded, and Aston Martin is offering the new DBS Carbon Edition in Flame Orange or Ceramic Grey. The original black variety is included as well.


How Your Favorite Internet Companies Make Money

After setting up free networking profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, an Internet user can instantly access the largest repository of information mankind has ever compiled at no cost — through Google. That person can stream music for free on Spotify, watch videos for free on YouTube, download free mobile phone apps on iTunes, set up a website for free on WordPress and post free classified ads on Craigslist. Indeed, the Internet is a bargain hunter’s dream. The paradox is that, while a great number of Internet services come gratis, the companies that provide these services are turning huge profits.

Animatronic Halo Elite Costume Will Have You Screaming Wart, Wart, Wart!

We’ve seen home made costumes from many videogame series. Most use cardboard boxes and paint, the guys at PeteMander GFX went above and beyond to make this suit as realistic as possible. Standing at least 7 feet tall, this mountainous suit would make any Master Chief wannabe wet his own pants.

A First: Organs Tailor-Made With Body’s Own Cells

Andemariam Beyene sat by the hospital window, the low Arctic sun on his face, and talked about the time he thought he would die. Two and a half years ago doctors in Iceland, where Mr. Beyene was studying to be an engineer, discovered a golf-ball-size tumor growing into his windpipe. Despite surgery and radiation, it kept growing. In the spring of 2011, when Mr. Beyene came to Sweden to see another doctor, he was practically out of options. “I was almost dead,” he said. “There was suffering. A lot of suffering.” But the doctor, Paolo Macchiarini, at the Karolinska Institute here, had a radical idea. He wanted to make Mr. Beyene a new windpipe, out of plastic and his own cells.

Why Do Ducks Have Orange Feet?

Actually, many species of ducks have feet—and legs!—tinted a bluish green or gray. But for the ducks that do have orange feet, well, it’s all about attracting the ladies. Chicks dig orange. Kevin Omland is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County, and he knows as much about mallard-duck coloring patterns as anyone; it was his graduate thesis. “I looked at male mallards and thought, gosh, they exhibit so many wonderful colors, I wonder which ones females care about,” he says. Do lady ducks lust after the males’ green head plumage? Or maybe it’s the blue patches on the males’ wings? Then again, what female duck can resist a nicely proportioned set of white “neck tie” feathers? After four years of documenting mallard courtships, Omland found that none of those mattered. All they cared about was the brightness of the guy’s yellow-orange bill.

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