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Rihanna Wears Half an Outfit at Pepsi Fan Jam

From these photos of Rihanna performing live at the Pepsi Fan Jam on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, yesterday, I gather the no pants trend is nearly over. Nearly over, as in she’s wearing one of her two pant legs. That’s the most pant legs I’ve seen her wear in some time. She also appears to be covering one of her boobs, which is the most coverage I’ve seen those things get in some time. The singer is wearing a cut-out catsuit that makes me think of the black half-catsuit worn by Shakira in the She Wolf music video. One arm, one sleeve, one boob, one ass cheek, and most of their crotch hanging out. At least Rihanna has the good manners to cover her remaining boob with a strapless bra. And cover her bare leg with fishnet stockings. Her booty’s still kinda hanging out, but bish works out. I’m not even mad at her.

Kelly Bensimon in a Bikini

It's been getting way too heavy around here, so thank God someone finally put a bikini on. Unfortunately none of you know who Kelly Bensimon is because she's on The Real Housewives of New York which exactly five people watch yet somehow you're dating one of them. On that note, to extract any sexiness out of this post, you're going to want to focus on the just-barely exposed areola and not the over-tanned wildebeest it's attached to. Trust me on this one.

Michelle Baena

My name is Michelle Marie Baena. I was born December 24th, 1972 in a small town called Muncie, Indiana. When I was a child, my Dad moved around a lot for work. I lived in Edmond, Oklahoma during my early elementary school years. When I was in 5th grade, we moved out west to Folsom, CA where I lived for three years. In 8th grade, we moved back to the Midwest to Stanley, Kansas where I made it through High School. When I was 17, I moved out to California and I have been here ever since. California offers everything – mountains, the beach, redwoods, big cities, small towns, rivers, wine country…I just love it and I can’t see myself ever leaving California.

Salma Hayek at Here Comes The Boom Premiere

Salma Hayek stars as Bella Flores in Here Comes The Boom starring Kevin James. Also co-written and co-produced by Kevin James, the film is another from the Happy Madison Production company so therefore it’s likely you’ll see all a bunch of the same people from other Adam Sandler films. Look for it in theaters on October 12th. For more info, visit the Here Comes The Boom official website.


Postcards from Hell

For the last half-decade, the Fund for Peace, working with Foreign Policy, has been putting together the Failed States Index, using a battery of indicators to determine how stable -- or unstable -- a country is. But as the photos here demonstrate, sometimes the best test is the simplest one: You'll only know a failed state when you see it.

How Haunting Portraits Of Homeless People Changed Photographer's View Forever

The homeless rarely find themselves in the limelight, but amateur photographer Lee Jeffries has made them the focus of his work. He’s produced a haunting set of black-and-white portraits of people living on the streets of Europe and the U.S. Every face is shown in incredible detail and is full of emotion. Forty-year-old Jeffries, from Bolton – who’s an accountant by day - first began photographing the homeless in 2008 while visiting London. While walking through Leicester Square he took a picture of a homeless girl in a sleeping bag from a distance without her noticing, but she spotted him.

The History of In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is something of a cult to those living outside of the chain’s west-coast bubble, proselytized by endless waves of sunkissed acolytes devoted to spreading the good burger word. Their brief testaments, filled with whispers of “animal fries”, “secret menus” and multiplied stacks of beef and cheese, speak of a fast-food paradise whose divine inspiration is forever out of reach of infidels accustomed to Whoppers and Big Macs. What truly separates this meat-and-potatoes chain from the Arches, Kings, and Pony-tailed gingers of this world though? We don’t have all of the answers, and never will — as much as we’ve tried during Month of Beef. But like any good prophet worth their grape Kool-Aid spritzer, we at least know that retelling In-N-Out’s story is as good of a place to start as any on the path toward fast food enlightenment.

Baby Ring-tailed Coatis Play Ring Around the Rosy

There's never a dull moment for these cuddling baby Coatis (AKA Brazilian Aardvarks!), photographed earlier this summer at Marwell Wildlife Park by Danielle Connor. A total of 5 baby Coati call Marwell home and as you can see, they spend much of their time wrestling and rough housing in their exhibit. Coatis are members of the Racoon family and although few scientific population studies have been made in recent years, their numbers appear to be in decline due to environmental destruction in their native Central and South America.


Ferrari 458 GT

This will be the last year the Ferrari F430 GT will be used in the ALMS. The RISI Competizione, one of two teams using this car, is actually doing a great job at the moment taking 1st place at the last race in Utah. But come next year, we’ll hope to see the new Ferrari 458 Italia “GT” as the replacement for the F430 GT. The idea of a 458 GT racecar is something that I’ve always wanted to render but never got a chance due to work and other projects. After seeing the car in person in Barret-Jackson and once again in Cars&Coffee, I felt inspired again to look into illustrating the 458 GT.

ATS Autosport 2500GT

o anyone not 100 per cent clued up on their obscure automobile manufacturers, the letters ATS will mean diddly-squat. But they do in fact belong to a long-deceased Italian car manufacturer, who briefly in the mid 1960s had a go at competing with the likes of Ferrari. In the business sense, the original ATS 2500GT could largely be judged to be a total failure. After just two short years of production during which just 12 cars were produced, the company collapsed. Taken as a piece of engineering the car wasn’t all that bad. It had decent performance for the time and was reasonably good looking. The reborn ATS company will be hoping that their revival of the 2500GT has more luck than the last one nearly 50 years ago. The 2012 ATS 2500GT is based around a tubular chassis, and like the original it’s fairly easy on the eye. The mid-mounted engine is a turbocharged 2.5 litre flat-four which makes a surprisingly potent 500 horsepower. Hooked up to a six-speed manual gearbox the 2500GT sends its power to the rear wheels through a limited slip differential. Adjustable traction control lets the driver choose how quickly they go through tires. Top speed is said to be 186 mph, and the sprint from 0-62 mph takes just 3.3 seconds.

Porsche Purists Will Projectile Vomit When They See This Front-Engined 911 Dually

Meet "Ratty Porsche," the greatest affront to the snooty club of Porsche purists we've ever seen. Chevy 454 up front, bagged frame in the middle, and dually tires out back. RWB eat your heart out. We don't have many details on the build, done by Diversified Performance Innovations in Dubuque, Iowa. The sacrificial car is this 1976 Porsche, and the 7.4 liter engine comes out of this huge old Chevy pickup. The car has 4-link suspension, it sits on bags, and the original chassis is mounted on a ladder frame. The old seats have been thrown out for some rat rod-style metal buckets. We were hoping that since they pulled the Porker's flat six, DPI could put rumble seats in the back, but it looks like the rear is all full of suspension and a humongo differential.

2012 Ferrari 458 Spider Is A Topless Dream Machine

When you chop the top of a sports car, you often lose the lines that originally draws crowds to gasp in excitement as it rolls past into the sunset. Ferrari has just hacked the lid off its 458 Italia and the resulting 458 Spider is the tradition-bucking result. The convertible 458 puts your ears closer to the engine, allows all of your senses to to explode without getting the upholstery messy and guns down nearly every other car in your path. Nestled behind your soon-to-be-mussed coif sits the 458's 4.5-liter V8 heart that pumps out 562 horsepower and life-changing affirmations. Be it the Italian countryside or California coast, this is a car we'd want to be piloting when the sun is shining and the roads are empty.


NASA Tests New Rocket Engine in Mojave Desert

How do you test a new kind of rocket engine? Step 1: Bolt it to a trailer in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Step 2: Vroom! In this case, NASA is firing up the 5M15, which runs on compressed liquid methane. The odorless substance has multiple advantages over conventional rocket propellants: It's cheaper, it requires much less insulation, and it exists on several planets NASA hopes to travel to — Mars, here we come. That means astronauts could collect their own fuel for the trip home. Bonus rocket science: Those glowing figure eights in the blast stream are called Mach disks, after the guy who lent his name to the speed of sound. They're shock waves, created as the expanding fuel hits the higher atmospheric pressure outside the nozzle. If part of this blast weren't obscured, you could take the number of Mach disks (we count seven) and multiply by the speed of sound — about 758 mph at the 1,300-foot altitude of this test — to estimate the speed of fuel exiting the engine. Just don't get too close.

How to Command Respect Through Body Language

Some people are the center of attention wherever they go. They’re not glamorous movie stars, just ordinary people with excellent command over their body language. Here are some pointers to help you emulate these confident people and command respect from those around you. Posture can say a lot about a person. Confident people seem to naturally stand tall, while those who slouch look like they’re down on themselves. Be sure that you’re presenting yourself in a way that commands respect.

Purdue University Grad Students Give NASA Lander Tech A Boost

We just learned of NASA's end-of-decade plans to rocket astronauts into deep space for exploratory missions to Mars and beyond. Now, we're getting a peek at the Purdue University-designed lander tech that'll plant our space fleet's feet firmly on terra incognita. What originally started as a senior research project for grad students Thomas Feldman and Andrew Rettenmaier, has now blossomed into a joint research endeavor for the federal space agency's Project Morpheus -- a think tank for trips to heretofore unexplored celestial bodies. The in-development propulsion tech, now undergoing testing at the university's Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories, is required to "meet stringent design and performance" standards, but most importantly, needs to lift the fuel-depleted lander post-descent. You'd think scientific work of this magnitude would come with a hefty paycheck, but the student team behind it all's just doing it for the hands-on knowledge.

Bruce the Mechanical Shark from Jaws

This is a fan page not made by Bruce the mechanical shark from "Jaws". As far as we know, the original monster that was not working is dead. Cousins from Studio Rides around the world are welcome. Aka: The Great White Turd

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