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Kelly Brook Isn't Wearing A Bra

There's really not much that needs to be said here because I immediately forgot whatever it was Miley Cyrus did that everyone was talking about. Something about dancing on a gay guy's penis? Sure, knock yourself out.

Anne Hathaway Gets Leggy On Kimmel

Here’s Anne Hathaway looking red hot and getting seriously leggy on last night’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now the last time we saw Hathaway I was utterly shocked that her plentiful breasts were nowhere to be found, which is the case here as well, but thankfully we get to gawk at her distractingly killer pair legs. Hell, this is so much of a shwingtastic legfest that I wouldn’t even care if she were topless. Ok, that’s a straight out lie, but hot damn does she have great legs. Enjoy the screen caps and check out the video to see everything in motion.

'The Hills' Star Kristin Cavallari Hosts Liquid Pool Lounge at Aria Resort and Casino

On Saturday, April 24th, The Hills star Kristin Cavallari hosted the day at LIQUID Pool Lounge, the newest adult-only pool party to hit the Vegas Strip, at ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter. Cavallari wore a tiny black bikini with a sheer black top that showed off her perfect figure.

Who The Hell Is This? Jessica Cirio Bikini Pics From Miami

These were snapped over the past couple days Argentine bombshell Jessica Cirio spent the afternoon working on her tan in Miami Beach. She was accompanied by her boyfriend Luciano Bernardi. Here’s more info from her Wiki: Jessica Wanda Judith Cirio Perutich (born March 21, 1982 in Lanús, Buenos Aires Province) better known as Jésica Cirio is an Argentine model, dancer and vedette of Italian descent. She has appeared on the Argentine reality show Cámara en Mano as well as in pictorial spreads in Revista Hombre.


Dogs in Motion – Shake by Carli Davidson

“Shake” is a small and cute series of dog shots shaking off water. It’s incredible the strange and funny pet expressions that you can capture with high speed photography. This was a work by Carli Davidson. “Carli Davidson is a nationally recognized fine art pet photographer currently working out of Portland Oregon. She has a background in both commercial and documentary photography, as well as over 7 years experience as an animal trainer and caretaker. Her love of both art and animals led her to work as an animal care technician and photographer for the Oregon Zoo, as well as a volunteer photographer for local animal rescues.”

Horrifying Moment A Small Business Owner Sets Fire To Himself Outside Bank

A man has set himself on fire outside a branch of Piraeus bank in the northern Greek city of Tessaloniki. The man was heard to shout out that he was in debt as he carried covered himself in petrol. This was not the first time this particular man has taken such drastic action, according to local police. Apparently this was the third attempt by the unnamed 56-year-old-man to harm himself in this way. Police said he had also set himself on fire and suffered burns 15 months ago, after complaining he could not pay back the debts from his failed business. Police used fire extinguishers to put out the blaze and the man was been hospitalised after the attempt, with non life-threatening chest burns. Cost-cutting measures in Greece have caused a host of business failures and record employment and the country is now in its third year of recession. It's finance minister said today he fully expects the country to stay in recession during 2012.

National Geographic Unique Moments

Some moments can be captured only once in a lifetime and when that moment comes you better hold on to it and make it last by photographing it with your camera. Here is a revision of the most unique moments captured on national geographic photos in the past 3 years. A big thanks to all professional photographers that are out there, bringing this kind of beautiful photography into our lives. They are one happy people and there is only one thing to be said about there efforts.

35 Pictures Of Tilt-shift Photography

photography. Photography doesn’t have to be boring and dull, and there’s so much more at photography, especially if you’re into tilt-shift photography. Tilt-shift photography is one of most impressive and unique types of photography because it makes life-size locations and objects look like miniatures. No this isn’t magic or Photoshop, it’s just changing the angle of the camera so that the objects can get a different perspective and look smaller than they actually are. Today, we have 35 amazing pictures of tilt-shift photography and all of them are simply beautiful. At first we actually thought that these are real miniatures, but after the closer examination we released that these are just great examples of tilt-shift photography. As we already mentioned, we have 35 pictures of tilt-shift photography, and some of it include pictures of famous locations such as Big Ben and Sydney Opera house. Of course, there are other famous locations as well, but we leave those to you to discover them.


Shelby Announces 2013 GT500 Super Snake with up to 850 horsepower

When Shelby first launched the GT500 Super Snake in 2007 (or relaunched, if you consider the one-off 1967 prototype), the 5.4-liter supercharged V8 was boosted all the way up to... wait for it... 600 horsepower. Fast-forward just five years and the muscle car landscape looks quite different. The 2013 Shelby GT500 now comes with 662 tire-shredding horsepower from the factory. To their credit, Shelby American has kept pace the past few years, introducing an 800-horsepower Super Snake and the almighty Shelby 1000. The latest Super Snake model takes things another step further, offering up an incredible 850 horsepower. If that's too much to handle, customers can opt out of the supercharger upgrade and stick with the factory 662 ponies.

Viva Los Hoons! Jalopnik Reader Buys Mexican Focus RS

Remember the lime green 2010 Ford Focus RS for sale in Mexico? One of our readers bought it and will be importing it to the US. To say we're jealous would be like saying the sun's warm. Complete story below. Our new best friend who should totally let us go for a drive when he gets the car legalized wishes to remain anonymous, but he was kind enough to provide full details about how he was able to purchase a not-for-US Import Focus RS and exactly what kind of car lunatic he is.

KTM X-Bow Stratosferica

The KTM X-Bow is one of those minimalistic wonders of the automotive world, a true lesson in the whole ‘less is more’ mantra. Therefore it’s maybe not the most obvious vehicle to comprehensively alter by adding extra weight and bodywork which completely transforms the car’s persona. But if it looks as good as the X-Bow Stratosferica, and benefits from an extra 73 horsepower thanks to some engine modifications, then it’s all good in my book. The KTM X-Bow Stratosferica is a 12,000 Euro ($17,300 USD) upgrade to the X-Bow which is available through the Italian company Montenergy. As is obvious from the photos, and the name, the Stratosferica’s styling was inspired by the legendary Lancia Stratos. But at the same time this wasn’t designed to be a replica or newer version of the Stratos, and the X-Bow Stratosferica has plenty of its own unique character on show.

Opel RAK e Concept

Energy costs, efficiency and lightweight design are in the spotlight at the 64th Frankfurt International Motor Show. Opel is staking a strong claim for the center of attention with an all-new battery-powered electric vehicle. The Opel RAK e Concept opens a new chapter in electric mobility and extends Opel's pioneering role in alternative propulsion systems. The radical RAK e is defined by minimal energy costs, 100 kilometers for one euro, one third of the weight of a modern small car, and a maximum speed of 120 km/h.


Is Joss Whedon Seeking Geeks for Comic Con Documentary?

E! Online reports that Joss Whedon’s next project might involve getting some of his legions of fans in front of the camera. Word is that he’s teaming up with Super Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock to create a documentary about Comic Con, following some convention goers from the months leading up to it through the con itself. So what do you guys think? If the rumors are true, is this is a good idea? Will it just be Trekkies on a broader scale, or become inherently awesome because Whedon is involved? (And of course, if Whedon is involved, will some of the most beloved subjects in the documentary have to be killed off by the end?) Actually, are any of you Comic Con heavy hitters that would consider being in such a documentary? I’m assuming there will have to be at least one girl dressed in a Leia slave bikini.

Love, Star Wars and an Amazing R2D2 Engagement Ring

Alright you geeks out there: this one’s for you. Here’s a tale about True Love featuring Charlie Brown, Halloween and of course, Star Wars. It all began in a tattoo shop – that’s where Joe and Emily met a few years ago where they both worked at the time. As the story usually goes, the two quickly bonded in their nerdiness and fell in love. I am sure there were many tales of intrigue that I won’t cover here, but ultimately their journey lead Joe to the decision to attempt the ultimate conquest: to ask Emily to marry him. Of course, no ordinary engagement would do. So, being an artist and designer himself, Joe started to form an idea for a one-of-a-kind ring that would make any geek princess faint with joy – a ring inspired by the one and only R2D2.

Nokero's Solar-powered, Rainproof N200 Light Bulb

No one's going to be calling Nokero out for falling behind. Just a few short months after revealing its first commercial light bulb for developing nations, the outfit has now rolled out a second version, the predictably titled N200. This guy strikes a vastly different pose compared to the original, with the LED enclosure hanging on a swivel that enables it to be positioned in a way that would optimally catch light. When night falls, users can flip the light north to create a lantern. Nokero claims that this edition is just as rugged and rainproof as the original, but it's 60 percent brighter and lasts three times as long. A single NiMH battery is included, and that's what is rejuvenated by the sun -- once charged, it'll provide between 2.5 and 6 hours of light, depending on the mode. It's on sale now for $20 apiece (bulk prices are less), representing a modest $5 premium over the (still available) N100.

Guatemala: First, Volcanic Eruption; Then, Devastating Tropical Storm

Guatemala is in a state of crisis today after twin natural calamities struck: First, on May 27 the Pacaya volcano (just 19 miles from the capital) woke up in a bad mood. Lava flowed, black sand and rock and ash spewed everywhere. A newscaster covering the news near the volcano was killed by flying rocks. Two days later on May 29, tropical storm "Agatha" struck, destroying homes, causing floods, and creating tens of thousands of internally displaced. Infrastructure in this country—where the majority live in poverty—is very poor, and ill-equipped to handle such a double blow. As of last night, official numbers on storm: about 30,000 "refugees," close to 120,000 evacuated, 93 dead and rising. Guatemala's one international airport has been has been closed for days, and just as it prepares to reopen today, there's word of new volcanic activity.

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